Deploy any trained AI model.
Any size. Same cost.
On your own infra.

Introducing Katonic Deploy.

The only platform which lets you deploy models with minimal cost and effort, on your own infrastructure.

Deploy, monitor and scale any trained AI model instantly, securely and easily with the award-winning Katonic MLOps platform.

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AI model deployment made easy

Deploying AI models at scale requires deep technical knowledge, a robust team and complicated infrastructure. Katonic Deploy makes the process simpler, cost-effective and secure, allowing you to deploy models in seconds. 

  • 1

    Deploy any trained or custom built AI model

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    Manage your deployed models - resource monitoring, API sharing, and more

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    Monitor and update the deployed models easily

Data Science teams love how Katonic Deploy makes their life better ❤️

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Your data is stored in your ecosystem

Data is stored in your ecosystem – on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid leading to ensure 100% security.

icon representing Auto scaling of resources

Auto scaling of resources

We ensure that resources are automatically scaled (horizontally and vertically) on your model with the increase in demand to avoid model crashing and underperformance.

icon describing different role-based access

Role-based and API-token based access

Ensure people can access parts specific to their roles only with role-based access. API tokens are required for APIs that can be used externally, ensuring security.

Stack and ensemble models icon

Stack and ensemble models

Create a second-level model that combines the prediction of multiple first-level models (stacking) or combine the predictions of multiple models by taking a weighted average of their outputs (ensemble) models easily.

icon representing Update or rollback models

Update or rollback models

Every time a model is deployed, our SDK versions it. So, rolling it back (or updating it) is as fast as the click of a button.

icon representing Deploy open source models

Deploy tranformers, diffusers and more

Deploy open source models off the shelf or your custom models at scale and with speed.

Automate the deployment process without worrying about infrastructure

logo representing Kubernetes

Born in Kubernetes:

Katonic Deploy is cloud-agnostic, meaning ML workloads can be deployed on any cloud environment (i.e., on-premises/private cloud or any public cloud), allowing the platform to run natively in any cloud or on-premises environment with the full benefits of elastic scaling of heterogeneous data science workloads.

logo representing gpu

Powerful, serverless and on-demand GPU:

Katonic Deploy will enable Rapid, on-demand scaling of AI workloads on GPUs without running into availability issues, high costs, or complex cloud infrastructure.

Transparent and efficient use of resources. So you pay for what you use

Transparent - Clear visibility of resources used on our dashboard.

On Demand GPU – Optimal utilisation and sharing of GPU​.

Scalability - Auto scale up to hand increased demand and scaling down in instances of reduced demand.​

Transparent and efficient use of resources by Katonic
Automated monitoring of endpoints dashboard by Katonic

Katonic Deploy supports you beyond deployment

Automated monitoring - i.e., no setup required to monitor endpoints.

Set custom thresholds and matrices to measure models' health.

In-depth insights – on health and performance of API.

Get real-time alerts in case of failure.

Katonic Deploy is compatible with your existing stack

Effortlessly deploy, run, monitor and update your AI models

Instant Model Deploy


Deploy models instantly with ease and security.

icon representing model running


Run on your ecosystem with 80% lower costs and auto scale resources based on demand.

icon representing model monitoring


Monitor with automated, in-depth and real time monitoring. Set custom thresholds to measure model health.

icon representing model update


Update and rollback models easily with a click.

Curious to see how Katonic Deploy works?

Here's a step by step tutorial of the platform.

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Katonic Deploy

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Frequently Asked Question

What is Katonic Deploy?

Katonic Deploy is a platform that allows users to deploy, manage and scale any trained AI model with ease. It provides a streamlined process for deploying models, making them accessible to your intended audience.
To begin using Katonic Deploy, just fill this form to get a free trial.
Katonic Deploy supports all machine learning models, including but not limited to deep learning models, natural language processing models, computer vision models, and more. You can easily deploy transformers, diffusers and LLMs. It is designed to be flexible and adaptable to different model types and frameworks.
Yes, with Katonic Deploy, you have the ability to update or rollback models with just a single click. This ensures that you can always keep the best-performing models in front of your audience without any hassle.
In the event of any issues with a deployed model, Katonic Deploy provides robust monitoring and logging capabilities. You can easily track the performance and health of your models, allowing you to identify and resolve any problems quickly.
Yes, Katonic Deploy is designed to handle high levels of traffic and offers scalability options to accommodate increased demand. This ensures that your models can handle large user loads without compromising performance.
Absolutely! Katonic Deploy provides APIs and integrations that allow you to connect with other tools and platforms seamlessly. Katonic Deploy is compatible with your existing tech stack, so you don’t have to change a thing.
Katonic Deploy takes security seriously and implements various measures to safeguard your models and data. This includes API token based access and role based access. With API token based access, you ensure only people you authorise can access your models and with role based access, everyone gets access to limited features that are relevant to their role.
Yes, Katonic Deploy offers support to assist users with any questions, concerns, or technical issues they may encounter. You can reach out to us at
Katonic simplifies the deployment of any huggingface models, offering a user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow. You can deploy your models as an API service with ease and make them available for use in various applications. For a detailed guide, please visit here
Katonic Deploy supports all models from popular libraries. This includes tensorflow, ONNX, SciKit-learn, Hugging Face, Spacy and more. For detailed guide on how to deploy these models, please check Quick start section here
There is BLEU (Bilingual Evaluation Understudy) score, ROUGE (Recall-Oriented Understudy for Gisting Evaluation) score, and METEOR (Metric for Evaluation of Translation with Explicit Ordering) score. For a detailed understanding of these metrics, visit here
There is accuracy, precision, recall, F1 score, F2 score, False negative rate, false positive rate, Matthews Correlation Coefficient (MCC), True negative rate, Negative Predictive Value (NPV), and false discovery rate. For a detailed understanding of these metrics, please visit here
There is mean squared error, root mean squared error, absolute error and mean absolute error. For a detailed understanding of these metrics, please visit here
There is mean squared error, root mean squared error, absolute error and mean absolute error. For a detailed understanding of these metrics, please visit here
Yes, Katonic Deploy supports load testing on a model using Locust. For a detailed guide, please visit here
Katonic Deploy supports models built using any type of ensembled techniques to get precise predictions. Please visit here for a detailed guide.