Why choose the Katonic Generative AI Platform?

Your AI Assistant, built on the no-code Katonic Generative AI Platform, truly understands you, your product or service and your customers and can accurately answer complex queries in seconds. This makes it a perfect companion to boost your and your employee's productivity by 10X & more.

Illustrative image of generative AI technology

Katonic AI vs Others

Feature Katonic AI Others
Fully white labelled (Customised as per your own brand)
Accuracy of information (Option to audit-retrain the model)
Hosted on your infrastructure (Ensures highest security & lowest latency)
Trained on your own data (All formats including emails, pdfs, videos, CRM)
Over 300 In-built connectors (For auto-update of training data from 300+ sources) Very high Unknown
Safety & Personalisation Features (Compliant with your enterprise security guidelines)
Choice of world's best foundational models (Choose from over 50 of the most popular models)
Real time usage and accuracy monitoring

Comparisons with the Katonic Generative AI Platform

Katonic Generative AI Platform Other Platforms
Business features
Target audience Non-technical and business users Developers
Billing model for Model Inference Pay only for the time your code is running Pay-as-you-go Unlimited Unlimited
Deployment options
Open AI / Palm support Only one 5 Users 10 Users
Cohere support
Support for open source LLMs
Deploy on Kubernetes
Deploy on any cloud Only one
Deploy on premise
Ability to fine-tune or deploy any model from Hugging Face
Security features
Ability to have application-specific guard rails
Ability to limit the users access to just a specific application
Platform features
Ability to converse with CSV files, SQL, and Snowflake Onsite
API and no-code batch inference API only
Multiple LLMs to play with Yes, Over 100 Only one Onsite
Ability to compare prompts across multiple LLM to find the optimal LLM API Only
Ability to estimate the cost of calls to external AI services Standard Platinum
Prompt Templates Over 100 Limited
Ability to build Semantic Search Standard Platinum