Plans & Pricing

Katonic provides innovative solutions for enterprises looking to streamline their machine-learning operations. The platform offers three plans:

Katonic Initiate: For all enterprises looking to initiate their MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) journey. Includes access across the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), providing CIDI (Continuous Integration, Deployment, and Inspection) in the MLOps deployment framework.

Katonic Plus: For all enterprises. In addition to the benefits of Katonic Initiate, Katonic Plus helps to accelerate, and transform MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) into the enterprise with guaranteed operationalization of 2 models into production.

Katonic Transform: For all enterprises. In addition to the benefits of Katonic Plus, Katonic Transform helps to accelerate and transform MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) into the enterprise with the guaranteed operationalization of 8 models into production and the establishment of a COE (Center of Excellence) practice within the enterprise.


Katonic Initiate
Installed on Your Infrastructure, On Cloud
Includes 3 Design Users
Unlimited Workspaces
Unlimited Storage
Experiment Management
Model Registry
Deploy Models
(Upto 20)
Pipeline Management
Unlimited Nodes
Publish Apps using Streamlit, Dash etc
(Upto 20)
Autoscaling enabled
Standard Support


Katonic Plus

In addition to all the benefits of Katonic Initiate, you also get 

Includes 5 Design Users
On Prem Installation
Feature Store
Custom Model Deployment
Hugging Face Integration
Support Distributed (Ray, Spark, Dask)
Unlimited Model Depolyment
Unlimited Apps Deployment
Productionalisation of Model
(Upto 2)
Katonic Studio Custom Components
Custom authentication integration (LDAP, AD)
Single Sign On
GPU Support
Premium Support


Katonic Transform

In addition to all the benefits of Katonic Plus, you also get 

Includes 10 Design Users
ETL Data Integraton Engine
COE Setup
Productionalisation of Model
(Upto 8)
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Platinum Support
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Pick the plan that works best for you

Initiate Plus Teams From $ 150 /Practitioner/mon Transform
Core features
Unified UI to manage all your Data Science
Create and manage Workspaces (Jupyter, R, VS Code) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Git integration
File Manager
Train your models using your favorite framework
Track and Visualize ML Experiments
Model Governance using Model Registry
Run experiments comparing pipeline runs
Optimize models with hyperparameter tuning
Feature Store
Pipeline Management
Automate Pipeline Building using One Click
Automate Pipeline Building using Drag and Drop Components
Deploy Models on Flexible, scalable, endpoint Upto 20 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Operationalize ML workflows on Kubernetes
Publish Apps using Popular Frameworks (Streamlit, Dash etc) Upto 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Model Monitoring
ETL Data Integraton Engine
COE Setup
Productionisation of Models 2 Models 8 Models
Hugging Face Integration
Custom Model Deployment
Support Distributed (Ray, Spark, Dask)
Katonic Studio Custom Components
Collaboration and Security
Design Users (Included) 3 Users 5 Users 5 Users 10 Users
User & Team Management
Role-based security
Custom authentication integration (LDAP, AD)
Single Sign On
Deployment Options
Customer Managed Public Cloud (AWS, GCP, AZURE)
On Prem
Auto Scaling
GPU Support
Customer Support and Success
New Customer Onboarding Packaged Virtual Onsite
Live chat and faster response SLAs
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Support Plan Standard Premium Standard Platinum

Frequently Asked Question

What environments can Katonic be installed in?

Katonic supports cloud deployments in AWS/GCP/Azure as well as on-premises deployments. We can also install on air-gapped sites that do not have internet access.
Katonic is Self Installed by the cutomers using our Installer by using a set of preconfigured instructions that we provide. Installation instructions can be found in Adminstrator section of our Documentation portal. Katonic provides the installtion support as Add on where the platform is deploy by Katonic team or is installed with the assistance of our support team.
Our minimum requirements are enough to run small workloads while still leveraging all our functionality. See the following pages for minimum requirements per environment: On-Premises AWS GCP Azure
We can install our platform on any of the major cloud vendors Kubernetes platforms such as EKS, AKS, GKE or an on premises vanilla Kubernetes
Yes. We have a ticketing system, dedicated Slack channels for customers, and access to our team of experts.
Yes. Katonic offers a library of on-demand video resources, dedicated Slack channels, and in-person on-boarding sessions.
Katonic Partners can help you build and Deliver AI solutions. Please refer the Website to identify the right partner.