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Generative AI Use Cases: By Industry

Generative AI Chatbots and AI Assistants trained on relevant data and fined tuned to a particular use case can understand complex information and the context in which the question is asked, providing accurate answers in real time. For a customer or employee, it is as simple as conversing with a real person in plain English or 30 other languages. Like humans, the more training and information you provide to the AI Assistants, the more effective they become.

News and Media

Generate news summaries, provide news updates basis customer preference, and interact with readers in a more engaging way.


Assist customers in finding products, providing detailed product descriptions, and making relevant recommendations based on the customer’s requirements.


Help students with course-related queries, provide study materials, and even assist in learning new topics by explaining complex concepts in simple language.

Banking and Finance

Understand and explain complex financial terms and services, offer financial advice, assist with transactions, and answer questions about various financial products.

HR & Recruitment

Screen job applicants by asking relevant questions and understanding the responses, help schedule interviews, and assist with the onboarding process by providing information about company policies and procedures.

Marketing and Sales

Create personalised marketing messages relevant to your brand and customers, engage with potential customers, collect customer data for analysis, and guide customers through the sales funnel.

Customer Service

Understand the context and handle a wider range of customer queries due to their improved understanding of language. They can provide personalised responses, troubleshoot problems, and direct customers to the right resources or departments.

Travel and Hospitality

Create personalised itineraries, suggest destinations, and provide travel suggestions based on personal preferences, offer local recommendations and simplify the entire booking and visa process.

How to build a custom AI Chatbot using Katonic Generative AI Platform?

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